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Listing Optimization

We create listings for your property on multiple channels including but not limited to Airbnb, VRBO,,, and Expedia in order to reach as wide of an audience as possible. We write compelling property descriptions and use professional photos to make your property stand apart from the crowd.

Booking Management

We maintain a unified calendar that keeps track of your reservations for each of your booking channels in order to ensure that there are no overlaps. We handle all communication from your guests along with managing booking requests and coordinating guest check-ins and checkouts.

Property Maintenance

We provide regular cleaning / sanitation and inspect your property between guests and perform any needed repairs / maintenance. We restock all essential supplies (e.g., toiletries, cleaning supplies).

Guest Services

We strive to create a hassle-free and memorable experience for your guests. Some of the key services we provide are: -Check-in / Check-out -Handling repair and maintenance requests during guest stays. -Addressing guest inquiries, providing assistance, and suggesting local recommendations -24/7 Emergency Response Services

Guest Screening

We protect your rental property from damage by having procedures set in place to prescreen potential guests before we allow them to stay. Some of the ways we screen potential guests are by questioning them about their planned stay and prioritizing guests with a proven track record on major rental platforms. Guests with poor reviews will be rejected.

Pricing and Revenue Management

We don’t just list your rental for the same rate every night. We employ the use of advanced pricing optimization tools to come up with dynamic pricing strategies for your property. Because we adjust your rental rates to account for changing demand, we are able to maximize your occupancy rates and revenue.

Financial Management

We generate regular financial reports to provide transparency about income, expenses, and property performance.

Regulatory Compliance

We help ensure that your property complies with current and future local regulations and licensing requirements.

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Property management can be a tricky task. We can help streamline operations and boost revenue.

There are many different examples of a short-term rental property, but in most cases, they are residences that are available as vacation rentals with occupancy periods of thirty days or less. Many travelers prefer short-term rental properties over traditional forms of lodging such as hotels or bed and breakfasts because they offer more space and amenities at an affordable cost.

Short-term Airbnb rental properties offer many advantages over long-term rental properties. Consider the following:

Higher Income Potential on Airbnb Properties

The per day rental cost on a short-term vacation rental property can be significantly higher than on a long-term rental property. A short-term Airbnb rental property owner can adjust their pricing to meet demand, charging more for peak rental periods. A long-term rental property owner can only increase the rental price on an annual basis, usually with caps or restrictions.

Shorter Rental Periods

Renters spend less time in a short-term rental property before they have to vacate the premises. Tenants who occupy a long-term rental property have a lease agreement that allows them to occupy the property for six months to a year, in most cases.

More Flexibility

Short-term rental property owners have the freedom to use their own properties anytime they wish. It’s also easier to sell a property since there aren’t any long-term tenants who signed a lease agreement to occupy that property.

Reduced Wear and Tear in the Property

A short-term rental property actually sustains less overall wear and tear compared to a long-term rental property because short-term vacation rentals are occupied less frequently than their long-term counterparts which are occupied every day for six to twelve consecutive months. Property owners can inspect and maintain a property during vacancies, making it easier to perform any necessary repairs or routine maintenance.

Legal Boundaries

Tenants occupying long-term rental properties have more legal protections than renters in short-term Airbnb rentals. If you have trouble with a short-term renter, that individual can be removed with fewer legal obstacles, while removing a long-term tenant from a property typically requires a lengthy and costly eviction process in the legal system. Property owners and property managers also have the ability to perform inspections on a short-term rental property with little to no advance notice. That doesn’t apply to a long-term property as a twenty-four hour notice is often required for an inspection.

Owning a short-term Airbnb rental can have many lucrative advantages, however, there are some drawbacks to these properties, particularly if you don’t have a good Airbnb property management company on your side.

Short-term rentals can be time consuming and leave you with longer periods of vacancy and less revenue in your pocket.

Monopolizing Your Time

A property owner has to take on a myriad of routine tasks, dealing with more renters and shorter turnover rates, coordinating rental bookings through direct reservations, responding to inquiries, ensuring smooth and constant customer service to keep guests happy and avoid any problems. This can quickly become a full-time commitment and if you have multiple listings for multiple properties, task management becomes insurmountable over your entire portfolio.

Difficulty Generating Revenue

The vacation rental industry can be a profitable business. But there are no guarantees of success and whether you have only one or multiple Airbnb accounts, if you aren’t managing them properly, you could find yourself with longer vacancy gaps between occupancies. Inexperienced property owners make for poor Airbnb property managers as they lack the knowledge and expertise in marketing and optimizing rate adjustments during periods of high demand. As a result, profitability suffers and you can begin to experience serious difficulties generating revenue on your Airbnb properties.

Unexpected Downtime for Repairs

A vacation rental property fails to generate revenue if it remains vacant. When a vacation rental requires one or more major repairs, you won’t be able to rent it out to prospective renters until those issues are fixed and that means less income. Long-term tenants continue paying rent as long as a badly needed repair is addressed in a timely manner. The best way to reduce downtime and minimize repair bills is by having a dependable network of trusted contractors and technicians at the ready who can perform the work needed before a small issue turns into a bigger (and more costly) problem to fix.

Negative Customer Reviews

Potential renters will read online reviews from previous guests when they are in the market for booking a short-term vacation rental. If your property fails to meet your guests’ expectations, you can bet they’ll let you know it through a negative customer review. The result is a vacation rental property that has a poor reputation and that can dramatically impact your occupancy rates. This is why it’s so important to have a clear and accurate listing with professional photographs of the property, attention to detail with guest communication, and above all, a clean and well-maintained property that guests will love.

Exceptional vacation rental property management is the foundation of a successful vacation rental business. Most property owners will purchase a short-term rental property for real estate income, applicable tax benefits, and appreciation of equity in the property. Becoming a full-time property manager is not often part of the plan because it can be such a time consuming effort to juggle multiple tasks ensuring the efficient management of the vacation rental property. Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable Airbnb property management business can save you time and money by dealing with the daily operations of your vacation rental by optimizing rental rates, reducing vacancy periods, and keeping maintenance costs as low as possible.
We provide a full range of property management services that include the creation of your property listing, guest check-in and check-out, inspecting the property and performing necessary repairs and maintenance, and managing your property’s records. For a closer examination of the services we provide, please visit our Management Program page.
We charge a commission of 20% per booking.